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Digitally Controlled Phase Shifters

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions - Digitally Controlled Phase Shifters

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions' digitally controlled Phase Shifters vary the phase of a Microwave signal in responce to a TTL compatible logic input signal.

The unit consists of an analog phase shifter, series PQ, plus a digital to analog converter. A balanced Strip line configuration keeps the VSWR and amplitude change to a minimum for all values of phase. Standard units operate with 8 BITS allowing 256 discrete values of phase.


  • 8 bit Digital logic standard
  • Octave bands up to 18 GHz
  • RF power operation 5 mW peak/CW, RF power survival 100 mW peak/CW
  • Custom configurations available

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Continuously Variable
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(dB max)
(+/-dB Max)
QQ-170.25 - 0.53604.51.2522
QQ-270.5 - 1.018040.41.751
QQ-280.5 - 1.036051.2525
QQ-341 - 23605.51.525
QQ-442 - 418040.51.756
QQ-452 - 436061.523
QQ-604 - 836081.521
QQ-667 - 123601422.51
QQ-738 - 101806124
Mechanical Outlines
15.002.00N/A1.804.500.504 PLS
27.752.50N/A2.307.250.754 PLS
36.502.00N/A1.806.000.254 PLS PLS
57.752.50N/A2.307.250.254 PLS
65.502.00N/A1.804.500.254 PLS


  1. The voltages required are ±15V @ 50mA.
  2. Switching speed on all models is 200nS.
  3. Monotonicity is Guaranteed.
  4. The Phase shift varies with frequency at any voltage setting. This variation, referenced to 0° at logic 0 for each frequency, is approximately ±15% for octave models, 10% for models with 25% bandwidth, and ±7.5% for models with 10% bandwidth. Phase flatness of the QQ-65 & QQ-74 is ±25%.
  5. Least Significant BIT = Total Phase Shift divided by the number of steps. 8 BITS = 256 steps.

Additional Electrical Specifications:

DC Supply: +15V ±0.5V @ +50 mA
-15V ±0.5V @ -50 mA
Control:8 Bits command
Logic Levels:TTL/HMOS

Mechanical Specifications:

Case StyleQQ Outline
ConnectorsSMA Female per MIL-C-39012
Control Connector 15 Pin D
Mountingø0.10” through holes
(4) places

Environmental Specifications:

MIL-E-5400, MIL-STD-202, MIL-E-16400
Operating Temp 30 °C to +60 °C
Storage Temp -55 °C to +125 °C
HumidityMIL-STD-202F, M103, Cond B
ShockMIL-STD-202F, M213, Cond B
AltitudeMIL-STD-202F, M105, Cond B
VibrationMIL-STD-202F, M204, Cond B
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-202F, M107, Cond A
Temperature CycleMIL-STD-202F, M105C, Cond D


Internal Visual per MIL-STD-883, Method 2017
Temperature Cycle: -65°C to +100°C, 10 cycles
Hermetically-sealed phase shifters are fine and gross leak checked per MIL-STD-883, Method 1014
Optional High-Rel screening available upon request.
Contact the factory to discuss your screening requirements

Outline Case Style QQ

Custom Options - Contact Factory:

  • Gray epoxy paint per MIL-C-22750
  • Video transient suppression
  • GPO connectors
  • ECL logic input
  • Phase and amplitude tracking
  • Other frequency ranges available from 1MHz to 26GHz
  • Reversed logic
  • Available without SMA connectors for drop-in applications
  • High-Rel screening